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July 6th, 2011 12:01 am WW MUSIC STAFF | Top 5

Neko Case’s Top Five Favorite Muscle Cars

5. ’66 Rambler Classic 660
When you need a car to be your best friend, this is it. You can make the seats into a bed and the air-pressure-powered wipers never work (that was a terrible idea!). You can spend the rest of your life wondering what the “Weather Eye” is, but the damn thing will start every time. Now that’s love.

4. ’64 Falcon Ranchero
Blocky, functional and awesome! I have always preferred the later, less-rounded Falcons.

3. ’64 Chevy Apache
I have always wanted one of these! It may be the sexiest vehicle ever, besides the Cougar, of course!

2. ’67 Dodge Polara
A bigger hotrod, not very common. I had a friend that had a chocolate metal flake brown one with a creamy white interior. It made me hungry! Fast as BALLS!

1. ’67 Mercury Cougar
What can I say? I love a small sedan! This is the car I picture Angie Dickinson driving in Police Woman. I don’t think she did, but.... 

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