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Trivial Pursuits

The sponge: plant or animal?

Night Avenger
"And now a tough question ladies and gents," bellows the tuxedo-clad man standing in the middle of Wilf's Restaurant and Piano Bar, the glorified waiting room of Portland's Union Station. "Is a sponge ...   More
Wednesday, July 14, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

The Foster Triangle

Night Avenger
Davey Jones Locker is a tease.The first time I tried to visit the newish all-ages club, which squats across from the Mt. Scott Funeral Home on Southeast Foster Road, I was too late. At 10:30 pm, the L ...   More
Wednesday, July 7, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

Long's Short Bus

Night Avenger
Rolling around town in a little yellow school bus, listening to a historian spout factoids about the founding of the Brewery Blocks (in 1856 by Henry Weinhard) seems a sobering experience. The intrepi ...   More
Wednesday, June 30, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

Dub Dive

Night Avenger
The dancer at the 715 Inn's "Reggae on Broadway" had reached nirvana. A leathery, bowlegged man in his 40s wearing a tank top emblazoned with the legend "Jamaica Connection," he bent his knees in time ...   More
Wednesday, June 23, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

Flame On

Night Avenger
Neil Young says it's better to burn out than fade away, but the crew at the new Night Light Lounge might disagree. An electrical fire forced the Southeast Clinton Street club to board up its door last ...   More
Wednesday, June 16, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

In Search of Booty

Night Avenger
History books offer few figures that stand as fiercely as the pirates beneath the fluttering skull and crossbones. They wrought havoc, they drank, they caroused, they fought. And though most people th ...   More
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 Aaron Scott

Hardcore HOPE

Night Avenger
Last month, the booze-splashed rumors raced through town as soon as Sabala's at Mount Tabor opened its doors: tall tales of broken beer bottles and games of leapfrog played in the middle of Hawthorne ...   More
Wednesday, June 2, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

Historical Attraction

Night Avenger
Every Monday night it plays out the same way. While tables full of Chinese families share duck and noodle platters in the dining room next door, Suzy Wong's grittier patrons take over the lounge. Old ...   More
Wednesday, May 26, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

Strip (Star) Search

Night Avenger
In the 1962 movie Gypsy, burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee (Natalie Wood) gets some valuable advice from a posse of withered old strippers: "You gotta have a gimmick."Obviously, the contestants vying for ...   More
Wednesday, May 19, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

School of Rock

Night Avenger
As DJ Marantic shuffled through a pile of CDs, preparing for his set at Slabtown on a recent Monday night, tempers flared. "Did the Red Wings lose? 'Cause I wanna burn your eyes out, bro!," a skinny g ...   More
Wednesday, May 12, 2004 KELLY CLARKE
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