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Cut of the Day: Shadows on Stars, "Punk Kids"


We all know that kid. The one who’s privileged, who had everything handed to him, and whose self-conscious posturing as a devil-may-care rebel only holds until he can’t get his double-shot caramel macchiato. A disillusioned, fuzzed-out electro track, Shadows on Stars’ “Punk Kids” rails on what Shadows on Stars clearly consider to be the bane of youth existence: young punks. SoS parodi...   More
Monday, June 25, 2012 by NORA EILEEN JONES

Cut of the Day: Tope, "Think it Over," Since the Last Time We Spoke


Sometimes, reflection is best. Tope’s “Think It Over,” from his just-released EP Since the Last Time We Spoke, is the perfect soundtrack for slowing down. The Since the Last Time We Spoke EP follows the similarly named Until the Next Time We Meet—the Portland rapper’s second album, following his 2010 LP Soul Music. The soul continues into this new ...   More
Friday, June 8, 2012 by NORA EILEEN JONES
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