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Colum McCann captures a wanderer's song pitch-perfectly.

Lacking a concrete sense of place while rendering the life of a nomadic culture, in which "the only thing that seemed right was change," is a supremely daunting task for any novelist. But bringing to ...   More
Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Karla Starr

Cheap Eats 2006

Food Reviews & Stories
Words won't do justice to Papaya Thaijust go to Sellwood and see for yourself. Courteous and friendly service will guide you through the courses, from crispy spring rolls ($4.50) and delectable satay ($5.95) to unforgettable tom kha gai ($6.95), coconut soup with lemongrass. For entrees, it's all a   More
Wednesday, December 6, 2006 Karla Starr

Karen Karbo

Local author gives teen girls a novel to investigate—ferrets included.

Featured Stories
Pinning down Karen Karbo's career is like getting lost in an underground maze of whipped cream and chocolate mousse: You may not know exactly where it's going, but damn if it all don't taste good. The ...   More
Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Karla Starr

Literary Threesome

The Mystery Guest, Laughter in the Dark, The Children's Hospital

The Mystery Guest, by Grégoire Bouillier (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $18, 128 pages): Bad breakups, at best, are invitations to suicide—the same fixative impulses that drove one to unspeaka ...   More
Wednesday, October 18, 2006 Karla Starr

Iron Baristas

Local coffee artists prepare for caffeinated glory (or death) at the Northwest Regional Barista Competition.

Featured Stories
We know that, in the future, robots will take over, and everyone from longshoremen to assistant field hockey coaches will be electronically outsourced. This sucks for three reasons: 1. With the except ...   More
Wednesday, October 18, 2006 Karla Starr

Examination Nation

Local spelling bee, quiz night and Jeopardy! fanatics: get ready to mark your calendars.

Featured Stories
No, we don't know the name of Calvin Coolidge's pet gerbil. (He didn't own a gerbil, but he did have a host of other creatures, including an antelope, a pygmy hippo, a wallaby, two raccoons, at least ...   More
Wednesday, October 4, 2006 Karla Starr

Where The Buffalo Roam

In Portland, demographic shifts make for a rowdy subculture.

Featured Stories
At 10 am on a recent wind-whipped Sunday morning, most downtown businesses are either closed or filled with a few groggy-eyed employees. It's quiet, empty and still.Until you hit Jax Sports Bar. Outsi ...   More
Wednesday, September 20, 2006 Karla Starr

John Stauber

Co-founder of the Center for Media and Democracy on the Iraq War, what Dick Cheney watches and turning off the TV.

Q & A
Almost 2,700 Americans have been killed in Iraq, and financial estimates are measured in the trillions for a conflict already longer than our country's fighting in World War II.According to London's I ...   More
Wednesday, September 20, 2006 Karla Starr

Thom Hartmann

The progressive talk show host talks about the middle class, credit cards and Clear Channel.

Q & A
Portland liberals know Thom Hartmann as their voice weekday mornings on Progressive Talk KPOJ, and as the host of a nationally syndicated show on 65 stations on Air America, progressives' response to ...   More
Wednesday, August 30, 2006 Karla Starr

Loggernaut Reading Series, Thursday, Aug. 24.

Jonathan Raymond on Old Joy and scrubbing toilets

Creative people are not the most organized lot, so it's refreshing to have Loggernaut—the bimonthly reading series founded by local wordies Erin Ergenbright, Jesse Lichtenstein and Heather Larim ...   More
Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Karla Starr
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