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Talib Kweli, Cory Mo, the Chicarones, DJ Biggz

8 pm., Tuesday April 02 | $22 advance, $25 day of show.
Hawthorne Theatre
1507 SE 39th Ave.
[HIP-HOP] Talib Kweli is, above all else, a lyricist. It’s the reason he’s sustained a rap career going on 16 years now, but across all that time, it’s simultaneously been his greatest hindrance. Since emerging in the late ’90s alongside Mos Def in beloved hip-hop duo Black Star, the rapper has established himself as a supremely gifted writer, conveying big ideas in a single verse most MCs can’t articulate over the course of a full album. His wordplay is always deft, his delivery always rapid-fire. But that tendency to lead with his dense thickets of language has kept him from rising above cult status. And it’s not like he hasn’t tried to cross over. He’s had dalliances with the mainstream: “Get By,” his Kanye West-produced single, received minor radio play, and he’s made plays to reach a wider audience, collaborating with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Norah Jones and Will.i.am. But he’s never been able to fully escape the underground—which, for his still considerable fan base of hip-hop true believers, is probably a good thing. Tonight, Kweli performs backed by a live band.

Where: Hawthorne Theatre
Phone: 233-7100
Address: 1507 SE 39th Ave.
Website: www.hawthornetheater.com


Hawthorne Theatre

1507 SE 39th Ave.
Portland, OR
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