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Brandi Carlile

7:30 pm., Saturday November 23 | 7:30 pm. Sold out.
[SYMPHONIC FOLK] A raspy, cracking voice is not a hallmark most would expect to hear backed up by the Oregon Symphony. Nonetheless, singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile’s oft-tender voice is most stirring when she’s snarling, as she does on the opening barnburners of her latest LP, Bear Creek. At times, the album shakes with a ballsy, alt-country gait. At others, the Washingtonian’s folk-pop piano ballads feature swooning backing vocals and plenty of “what if” lyrical scenarios. The fact she’s just as likely to wear an eagle bandanna as a formal dress is only further evidence of her genre wanderings. 

Where: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Phone: 248-4335
Address: 1037 SW Broadway
Website: www.pcpa.com

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