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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

The Twilight saga is finally getting to the good stuff. And by good stuff I mean the vampire batshit crazy stuff: rough girl-on-vamp sex, demon babies, blood health tonics and wolf mind links. And yet, with all this delightfully bizarre fodder, much of the fourth movie (otherwise known as “the one where Edward and Bella get married, finally do it and Bella gets impregnated with his vampire baby”) is about as fun as a pelvic exam. All three leads—scowl-faced Kristen Stewart, sad alabaster puppet Robert Pattinson and shirt-shredder Taylor Lautner—act as if they were expecting another press junket and wandered on to a movie set by mistake. And yet, it’s not all terrible. Or, to be clear, the last third of the film is so fabulously awkward and silly as to approach camp-classic status. Forced to endure an insatiable fetus draining her body from the inside out, Bella looks truly chilling. As her due date nears, her body is reduced to a skull attached to what looks like a wind chime made of gnawed chicken bones. It’s the only unsettling image the movie franchise has ever produced.  Even better, the much anticipated birthing scene (a fan favorite during which, true to the book, Edward performs Bella's emergency C-section with his teeth) is a masterpiece of the histrionic and the ridiculous that ends with both Team Edward and Team Jacob artfully covered with smears of blood and womb goo. It’s the kind of scene that makes you want to invent a drinking game and watch it a half-dozen times on repeat while you laugh uncontrollably and squirt whiskey out of your nose.
  • Genres: Romance, Thriller
  • Release Date: Friday, November 18, 2011
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 [ Disturbing Images, Partial Nudity, Sexuality, Some Thematic Elements, Violence ]
  • Critic's Score: 29
  • Starring: Kristen Stewart [Bella], Robert Pattinson [Edward], Taylor Lautner [Jacob]
  • Directed by: Bill Condon [Director]
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