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The Expendables 2

A bunch of leathery, ’roided-up Republicans invade a foreign country and explode the shit out of it. Again. But this time…it’s personal. Not screened for critics.
  • Genres: Action, Adventure
  • Running Time: 103 minutes
  • Release Date: Thursday, August 16, 2012
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: R [ Strong Bloody Violence ]
  • Critic's Score:
  • Starring: Sylvester Stallone [Barney Ross], Jason Statham [Lee Christmas], Jet Li [Yin Yang], Dolph Lundgren [Gunnar Jensen], Chuck Norris [Booker], Randy Couture [Toll Road], Terry Crews [Hale Caesar], Liam Hemsworth [Billy the Kid], Jean-Claude Van Damme [Jean Vilain], Bruce Willis [Mr. Church], Arnold Schwarzenegger [Trench], Yu Nan [Maggie]
  • Directed by: Simon West [Director], Richard Wenk [Screenwriter], Sylvester Stallone [Screenwriter], Avi Lerner [Producer], Kevin Templeton [Producer], Danny Lerner [Producer], Les Weldon [Producer], Jon Feltheimer [Executive Producer], Jason Constantine [Executive Producer], Eda Kowan [Executive Producer], Basil Iwanyk [Executive Producer], Guymon Casady [Executive Producer], Danny Dimbort [Executive Producer], Trevor Short [Executive Producer], Boaz Davidson [Executive Producer], Shelly Johnson [Cinematographer], Todd Miller [Film Editor], Paul Cross [Production Design], Lizz Wolf [Costume Designer], Brian Tyler [Original Music], Kate Dowd [Casting]
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