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Moonrise Kingdom

Of all the Wes Anderson movies in the world, this is the Wes Andersoniest. Those who find everything that follows Bottle Rocket fussy and puerile have fair warning: Moonrise Kingdom is Anderson’s Boy Scout film, set on an imaginary island. The director’s debt to Finnish colleague Aki Kaurismaki has never been more patent—Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, Frances McDormand and Bill Murray all have self-pitying stoicism down to a kind of kabuki. Without the leavening influence of Owen Wilson, Anderson’s melancholy can feel brittle, even with Robert Yeoman providing his most agile cinematography. Yet a fresh breeze airs out Moonrise Kingdom in every scene where the 12-year-old runaways Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop (Jared Gilman and an astonishing Kara Hayward) arrange an elopement from their Norman Rockwell world. Anderson has rarely been funnier, or his compositions more packed with detail, than in the epistolary montage in which the young rebels make plans (while Sam is menaced by greasers). He has never handled delicate material so deftly as when the couple—in shades of Badlands and Godard—reaches a blue lagoon. Here, Sam pitches several tents. “It’s hard,” Suzy whispers as Sam presses against her, after they’ve danced to Françoise Hardy like marooned Parisian mods. Indeed there is a core of tough-minded wisdom in this movie’s treatment of sexual discovery—not leering, not dodging, but frankly enchanted.
  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Running Time: 94 minutes
  • Release Date: Friday, May 25, 2012
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 [ Sexual Content, Smoking ]
  • Critic's Score: A-
  • Starring: Bruce Willis [Captain Sharp], Edward Norton [Scout Master Ward], Bill Murray [Mr. Bishop], Frances McDormand [Mrs. Bishop], Tilda Swinton [Social Services], Jared Gilman [Sam], Kara Hayward [Suzy], Bob Balaban [Narrator], Lucas Hedges [Redford], Charlie Kilgore [Lazy-Eye], Andreas Sheikh [Panagle], Chandler Frantz [Gadge], Rob Campbell [Deluca], L.J. Foley [Izod], Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick [Roosevelt], Tommy Nelson [Nickleby], Larry Pine [Mr. Billingsley], Marianna Bassham [Becky], Neal Huff [Jed], Eric Anderson [Secretary McIntire]
  • Directed by: Wes Anderson [Director], Wes Anderson [Screenwriter], Roman Coppola [Screenwriter], Wes Anderson [Producer], Scott Rudin [Producer], Steven Rales [Producer], Jeremy Dawson [Producer], Sam Hoffman [Executive Producer], Mark Roybal [Executive Producer], Robert Yeoman [Cinematographer], Adam Stockhausen [Production Design], Andrew Weisblum [Film Editor], Alexandre Desplat [Original Music], Mark Mothersbaugh [Original Music], Kasia Walicka-Maimone [Costume Designer], Douglas Aibel [Casting], Kris Moran [Set Decoration], Gerald Sullivan [Art Director]
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