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Here Comes the Boom


This is a movie about Kevin James getting his ass kicked, which is sadly not as enjoyable as it sounds. In this family-oriented sports comedy, he plays Scott Voss, a dopey, downtrodden biology teacher at a crumbling public high school on the verge of cutting all its extracurricular programming. Upon discovering UFC fighters can earn big bucks simply by competing, Voss, determined to rescue the school’s music program and the lovable old fart (Henry Winkler) who runs it, throws himself in the ring with men who have built entire careers on bashing skulls betwixt their sinewy thighs. Flopping into the Octagon like a roasted Cornish game hen wearing boxing gloves, James flounders from one brutal beating to the next with his signature ham-handed slapstick. Although the ever-hovering annoyance of dialogue generated by writers who have clearly run out of things to say, and the obvious fact that movies such as these are cinematic EasyMac—bland, formulaic and, yes, cheesy—detract from its overall likability, it finishes much stronger than expected. Because no matter how hokey the characters and plot, watching a high-school teacher throw down against professional mixed martial arts fighters is just pure badass.

  • Genres: Action, Comedy
  • Release Date: Friday, November 9, 2012
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • MPAA Rating: PG [ Bouts of MMA Sports Violence, Language, Some Rude Humor ]
  • Critic's Score: C
  • Starring: Kevin James [Scott Voss], Salma Hayek [Bella Flores], Henry Winkler [Marty Streb], Greg Germann [Principal Betcher], Joe Rogan [Himself], Gary Valentine [Eric Voss], Charice [Malia], Bas Rutten [Niko], Reggie Lee [Mr. De La Cruz], Mark DellaGrotte [Himself], Mookie Barker [Assistant Principal Elkins], Jackie Flynn [Joe Duffy], Nikki Tyler-Flynn [Mollie Streb], Melissa Peterman [Lauren Voss], Thomas Gallagher [Peter Voss], Blaine Stevens [Mary Shannon Voss], Jonathan Trautmann [Derrick], Germaine DeLeon [Martinez]
  • Directed by: Frank Coraci [Director], Allan Loeb [Screenwriter], Kevin James [Screenwriter], Todd Garner [Producer], Kevin James [Producer], Adam Sandler [Executive Producer], Jack Giarraputo [Executive Producer], Jeff Sussman [Executive Producer], Marty P. Ewing [Executive Producer], Phil Meheux [Cinematographer], Perry Andelin Blake [Production Design], Scott Hill [Film Editor], Rupert Gregson-Williams [Original Music], Hope Hanafin [Costume Designer], Justine Baddeley [Casting], Kim Davis-Wagner [Casting], Alan Au [Art Director], Denise Pizzini [Set Decoration]
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