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[THREE NIGHTS ONLY] Within the first 10 minutes of Fourplay, a woman receives oral sex from a dog—just so you know what you're getting yourself in for here. Director Kyle Henry's quartet of short films are "tales of sexual intimacy" (as the tagline goes), but they also feature Jesus fellating a man in a public restroom, a transvestite prostitute having sex with a quadriplegic’s foot and, yes, one very adventurous terrier. Yet for such graphic footage, it never feels pornographic, voyeuristic or deliberately salacious (I watched half the film in a cafe before it even occurred to me it might raise an eyebrow), thanks in no small part to a wonderful current of dark comedy running throughout. Instead, the films are funny and fascinating, and they capture a truth rarely explored on film (outside of teen gross-out comedies, funnily enough): Humans, caught in the in the clutches of lust and desire, are fucked-up, hilarious creatures. If you can't identify just a little, maybe it's your sex life that's weird.

Special Note

Clinton Street Theater. 8 pm Friday-Sunday, March 1-3
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy drama
  • Running Time: 80 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Critic's Score: B
  • Starring: Danielle Rene [Lily], Paul Soileau [Aliya], Amy Johnson [Marcy], Carlos Trevino [Recruiter], Sammy DeSilva [Speedy], Michael Dalmon [Jesus], Cyndi Williams [Anne], Gary Chason [Tom], Sara Sevigny [Gail], Jose Villarreal [Luis], Paul Dunckel [Roger], Atticus Rowe [Kai], Lynn Burnor [Del], Stanley Roy [Zales]
  • Directed by: Kyle Henry [Director], Carlos Trevino [Screenwriter], Jessica Hedrick [Screenwriter], Jim McKay [Executive Producer], Michael Stipe [Executive Producer], Jason Wehling [Producer], P.J. Raval [Cinematographer], David Fabelo [Film Editor], Rita Sanders [Film Editor], Vicky Boone [Casting], Merje Veski [Production Design], Caroline Karlen [Production Design]
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