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Chasing Ice

The documentary Chasing Ice tells the story of James Balog, a National Geographic photographer who sets out to document melting glaciers in Alaska, Montana, Greenland and Iceland. It follows a team of glacial scientists, photo assistants and mountaineers as they struggle to install 12 digital cameras under harsh arctic conditions, in order to capture time-lapse images of glaciers receding alarmingly quickly. Their struggles pay off: The photos illustrate the dramatic effects of climate change, and Balog sets out to raise awareness about the importance of glaciers to the study of science and pollution. Balog is an inspirational photographer—he might be called the innovator of ice porn—who selflessly strives to capture images that will change dominant opinions about global warming. His photos, too, are overwhelmingly beautiful, and Chasing Ice illustrates the role of art as an awareness-raising tool. With its no-bullshit approach, this film makes clear how losing glaciers will destroy our study of natural history.

Special Note

Icelandic field coordinator Svavar Jonatansson will attend the Nov. 17 screening. Hollywood Theatre
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  • Release Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
  • Critic's Score: A
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