Dallas Buyers Club-Themed Cookies from the Oregonian

It's not an Oscar party without oatmeal cookies inspired by an AIDS drama!


Food & Drink
Every year, Oregonian food writer Grant Butler hosts an Oscar party with potluck dishes inspired by the films.Some years, he tells us in this morning's paper, that's easy. Think Slumdog Millionaire curry dip or Benjamin Butler beignets.Other years, it is not.And thus, today's Oregonian includes a cookie recipe inspired by the intense AIDS drama Dallas Buyers Club."In 'Dallas Buyers Club,' ...   More
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 by Martin Cizmar

Hold the Phone

Dwindling calls lead the state to propose ending its HIV/AIDS hotline.

News Stories
The dial tone on Oregon’s long-running HIV/AIDS hotline may soon go dead. Since 1987, the hotline has connected thousands of callers with testing and HIV/AIDS services—key to the early detec   More
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 ANDREA DAMEWOOD

Life, Above All

What we talk about when we don’t talk about AIDS.

Movie Reviews & Stories
Chanda (Khomotso Manyaka) hasn’t been to school much lately. She has to bury her baby sister, and take her drunken stepfather’s bicycle to pay for the coffin. Her father is dead, her mother (Le   More
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 ANN LEWINSON

Confronting AIDS with CAP

The caliber of public discussion about AIDS has greatly improved since 1988 when there were 863 people recorded as living with AIDS in Oregon. The Cascade AIDS Project was only five years old, and about to embark on an AIDS awareness ad campaign that was to appear on the side of TriMet vehicles, and in The Oregonian. TriMet lasted a few days before pulling the tame picture of two fully clothed ...   More
Saturday, April 11, 2009 Megan Brescini


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