Montana Elk Burger: It's All About the Game

The 50 Plates tour continues with a juicy elk burger from Deschutes Brewery.

elk burger2

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Summer is road-trip season, so we're taking a culinary tour of America. But because Portland is a city of immigrants from other states, we don't have to leave town to do it. We're traveling to 50 Portland restaurants to try one distinctive food from each state. Our 50 Plates tour continues with the elk burger of Montana, which joined the Union on November 8, 1889. To vote for Oregon's ...   More
Monday, August 11, 2014 KATHERINE MARRONE

Fruit Beer Fest: How To Use Your Tickets

Ticket one: Peach Slap, from the Portland Deschutes brewpub, is a mild but deeply complex sour made with peach puree, habanero peppers, juniper and pink peppercorn. It was the consensus standout   More
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 MARTIN CIZMAR

Drank: Black Butte XXIV (Deschutes Brewery)

Though it’s labeled a porter, Black Butte XXIV is as stout a brew as you’ll find. Stouts are  basically stronger, thicker porters, often using roasted barley to give a beer more coffee an   More
Wednesday, August 8, 2012 MARTIN CIZMAR

Oregon’s 10 Best Beers

2011’s finest brews from Portland and the rest of the state.

Oregon makes—and drinks—a lot of beer. No one keeps a comprehensive list of every Oregon beer released, but informal estimates suggest at least 2,000 brews were crafted here this year. From th   More
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 MARTIN CIZMAR

Thanks, Comrade Obama: Now we have beer lines

At 2 pm this afternoon, Deschutes Brewery released the 2009 edition of The Abyss, a pitch-black seasonal imperial stout that's developed a cult following since it debuted in 2007. Over 100 drinkers lined up outside Deschutes' Portland pub to get their hands on the much-coveted brew, which retails for $12 per 22-ounce bottle and resells for about $36 on Ebay. All but 18 were men. Steve, at the front ...   More
Tuesday, November 3, 2009 BEN WATERHOUSE

Friday Food Roundup

Saraveza Nine businesses on North Killingsworth Street are throwing a Halloween crawl to benefit Ethos Music Center. Participants can buy tokens at Atomic Pizza, Saraveza or Hop & Vine (10 for $30) that can each be redeemed for the following: Yorgos - Tater Tots, Well Drink or Draft Beer Sagittarius - Chips & Salsa, Draft Beer or Well Drink Atomic Pizza - Pepperoni/Cheese Slice, Salad ...   More
Friday, October 30, 2009 BEN WATERHOUSE


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