Last Week Live: The Helio Sequence at Doug Fir Lounge, 4/13

helio sequence at doug fir

Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel of Helio Sequence have been at it for almost 20 years now, turning out textured electro-rock that sounds much more like the work of a quartet than a duo. On April 13, the Hellio Sequence again proved their ability to multitask, Weikel punishing his drum kit in perfect time and running samples while Summers juggled the guitar, harmonica and crisp vocals. The pride ...   More
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 MARK STOCK

Jessica Pratt: Sunday, Feb. 22, at Doug Fir Lounge

It’s oh so quiet.

Music Stories
Jessica Pratt has to be sick of talking to reporters. The L.A. singer-songwriter put out her self-titled debut in 2012, after her friend Tim Presley of psychedelic garage rockers Darker My Lov   More
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 CRIS LANKENAU

Doug Fir Cancels Show Over Use of Racial Stereotypes in Promotional Art


A dance party scheduled to take place tonight at Doug Fir Lounge has been canceled by the venue following an online uproar over the use of racial stereotypes in the artwork being used to promote the event. As first reported by our news partners at KATU, the show, dubbed "Magic Mall" after a famous Orlando, Florida, flea market, was set to feature several styles of Southern club music. The flier, ...   More
Friday, November 28, 2014 MATTHEW SINGER

Oct. 9, 2004: Someone finally puts real money behind the eastside’s arts scene...

40th Anniversary
It looked as if somebody had plunked down a ski lodge in the middle of Oakland. In 2004, when John Plummer, Jeff Kovel and Mike Quinn built the mod-swank Doug Fir Lounge—a plush 1870s log cabi   More
Wednesday, November 5, 2014 MATTHEW KORFHAGE

Q&A: Mick Learn, Doug Fir Sound Guy

As Doug Fir wraps up its anniversary month, meet the man who's made the Burnside club the best-sounding in town.


Don’t let Mick Learn’s calm demeanor fool you: He’s put in the hours. From his knob- and dial-filled station in the basement of the cabin-like Doug Fir, Learn has helped transform the club, which opened a decade ago this month into a Graceland for audiophiles. Chances are, the shows you’ve enjoyed at the eastside venue over the last 10 years have been shepherded by the veteran sound tech’s ...   More
Thursday, October 30, 2014 MARK STOCK

From The Vault: Doug Fir's Grand Opening

"But can this overhyped lounge love affair last?"

doug fir 3

Ten years ago today, a swanky lounge-cum-rock club posing as a retro-futurist ski lodge opened on East Burnside. A decade later, the Doug Fir Lounge is a Portland institution. It is arguably the best-sounding venue in town. Rolling Stone declared it one of the best clubs in America. It has played host to innumerable artists, some who've gone on to become household names, others who've since had ...   More
Thursday, October 9, 2014 MATTHEW SINGER

Photo Review: Sharon Van Etten at Doug Fir, 7/3


Last week, before Nick Cave debased the Schnitz, his former touring partner, Sharon Van Etten, spent two nights bumming out the Doug Fir. Actually, despite the somber nature of her songbook—and in particular her most recent record, Are We There, an album mostly about the heartbreak of being a touring artist—the shows weren't that depressing. How could they be, really, coming from a performer ...   More
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 MATTHEW SINGER

Clipping: Saturday, July 5 at Doug Fir Lounge

Call it “noise,” call it “avant-garde”—just make sure you also call it “hip-hop.”

Music Stories
Some records are considered “challenging.” Others issue challenges. CLPPNG, the almost self-titled new album by L.A. noise-rap crew Clipping, begins by practically daring the listener to conti   More
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 MATTHEW SINGER

Are We There Yet?

Sharon Van Etten’s life is a highway. She wants to pull over.

Music Stories
When Brooklyn singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten returned from a grueling yearlong stint touring behind her 2012 album, Tramp, she was physically and emotionally spent. She promised her boyfriend    More
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 MICHAEL MANNHEIMER

Dawn Of Midi: Wednesday, June 18

Hypnotizing the world one post-jazz groove at a time.

Music Stories
It’s not necessarily a reconstitution of New Orleans’ Congo Square—that trading spot where, back in the early 20th century, African, European and indigenous cultures got jumbled up and spat    More
Wednesday, June 18, 2014 DAVE CANTOR


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