Hear Nirvana Play Satyricon 25 Years Ago

Audio of a set from the night Kurt met Courtney has surfaced on YouTube.


Of all the glorious shit-holes that have existed in Portland, Satyricon is certainly the most hallowed. The Old Town punk club is among the most iconic venues on the entire West Coast, nurturing the Pacific Northwest rock scene that would eventually take over the world in the early '90s—Nirvana included.  Kurt Cobain and co. played Satyricon several times in their pre-megastardom days, but ...   More
Monday, January 12, 2015 MATTHEW SINGER

Dude York: Sunday, June 15

It’s all fun and games and punky guitar pop—until someone’s amp explodes.

Music Stories
When a band writes a song called “The Assassination of Kurt Cobain by the Coward Dude York,” it probably doesn’t want you to take it too seriously. It’s a clever, snide, tongue-in-cheek ti   More
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 MARK STOCK

Scoop: Why Not Some Pretty Balloons Instead?

NO PLACE FOR THAT: Edgy content appears to have gotten Place Gallery kicked out of its space at Pioneer Place Mall. The gallery is one of three art spaces on the mall’s third floor, shared with    More
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 WW Culture Staff

Nardwuar’s Top Five Greatest Interviews

Top 5
Nardwuar vs. Mikhail Gorbachev (1993) Proving early on that he can ask the tough questions of political figures as well as musicians, a young Nardwuar finagled his way into a press conference and   More
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 MATTHEW SINGER

Headout: Letter to Eric

Kurt Cobain writes back to Eric Erlandson.

 Click on letter below for larger version.WW Photo Illustration SEE IT: Eric Erlandson will speak at Powell’s City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St., on Tuesday, Sept. 4. 7:30 pm. Free. He   More
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 JOHN LOCANTHI

Nick Jaina's Little Box of Lies: Think of Your Childhood Heroes And Be Honest

Nick Jaina

"Don't forget the songs that made you cry and the songs that saved your life yes, you're older now and you're a clever swine but they were the only ones who ever stood by you" -- Morrissey I'm going to talk about heroes and I'm going to talk about Tiger Woods, but I want you to know that at no point has Tiger Woods ever been my hero. In a very specific way he has been a role model, but I am not talking ...   More
Friday, April 29, 2011 Nick Jaina


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