"Bad Neighbor" Cleans Up His Act


Last year, WW published a cover story called "Bad Neighbor" about an abandoned mansion in Laurelhurst and the conflict around that property and its onetime-owner, Peter Fournier. Over the weekend, The Oregonian caught up with Fournier, who after giving up his Laurelhurst home in foreclosure, has begun providing mobile hot showers three times a week to people in Old Town, through his non-profit, Shower ...   More
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 NIGEL JAQUISS

Murmurs: Condoleezza's Speaking Fee and Illegal Wastewater Dumping

News that’s still in the running for the Heisman.

Want to send your angry liberal friends the ultimate ironic gift? It’ll cost you at least $5,000. That’s the minimum donation necessary to get a personal photo op with former Secretary of State    More
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 WW Editorial Staff


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