Catch the Orange (Scavanger Hunt) Before It's Too Late

You could win airline tickets for riding MAX this week. Or you could just stay home.


Orange may be the new black but if you live in Portland it’s also the new trending mode of transportation. If you haven’t already heard (which if you haven’t then you either live under a rock or are just the hippest hipster in Portland) TriMet’s new MAX Orange Line just opened on September 12 along with the long-awaited Tilikum Crossing Bridge. This is pretty cool for all you folks in the Milwaukie ...   More
Monday, September 14, 2015 KATANA DUMONT

Trolley Drunk

Take the Portland Streetcar drinking tour.

The Portland Trolley (which, let’s be clear, is just a bus) is offering $98, five-hour wine tours to three urban wineries. The owner says discounts are always available, but who needs tickets to a d   More
Wednesday, August 19, 2015 MATTHEW KORFHAGE

State Rep. Brent Barton Says Goodbye

State Rep. Brent Barton (D-Oregon City) is surrendering the most expensive seat in the Oregon House. Barton, 35, a Harvard-educated trial lawyer, defeated Republican Steve Newgard in a 2014 rematch th   More
Wednesday, August 12, 2015 WWeek News Staff

The TriMet Trilogy

Portland filmmaker El Gato Negro wants hipsters to have a heart.

Movie Reviews & Stories
Howard Mitchell is old school. The Portland filmmaker behind the TriMet Trilogy showing at Mission Theater this Sunday cites such deadly earnest (and just plain dead) heavyweights as John Cassavetes,    More
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 CHRIS STAMM

Credit Score

Trimet and a Portland broker work around the legislature’s rules on selling tax credits to wealthy investors.

News Stories
Dan Wieden recently did something few Oregonians can do: He bought a dollar for 75 cents. Wieden, co-founder of Portland’s Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency, purchased a $1.8 million state income    More
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 NIGEL JAQUISS

Driver’s Record

A TriMet driver’s criminal past becomes an issue in a union election—and embarrasses the transit agency.

News Stories
TriMet and the transit agency’s biggest union share many problems. They blame each other for the financial troubles ailing the agency. TriMet points to  an overly generous contract with exp   More
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 ANTHONY MACUK

Dr. Know: Why can't TriMet schedule the MAX trains so that I don't just miss my connecting train?

Dr. Know
My commute entails changing MAX trains at the Rose Quarter. Nearly every time, I arrive just in time to see the connecting train leaving. Why can’t TriMet use Transit Tracker data to adjust    More
Wednesday, April 8, 2015 MARTY SMITH

Haunted House's Proposed TriMet Ads Mock Street Fee, Fluoride and Reservoir Urination


Nothing sends a chill down Portlanders' spines like paying taxes for road paving or chemically treating the tap water. That's the gist of new advertisements haunted house FrightTown plans to plaster on the side of TriMet buses. The transit agency tells WW the ads will begin this month.The proposed signs, purchased to promote the annual Halloween attraction in Veterans Memorial Coliseum, take aim at ...   More
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 AARON MESH

Austin Wishes It Had a Light-Rail System Like Portland's

Except for the employee pensions, reduced bus service and political backlash.


Look on our light-rail system, ye Austinites, and despair. The city council of Austin, Texas, is trying to persuade city voters to fund a $600 million light-rail line. So the local newspaper, The Austin American-Statesman, came to Oregon to conduct an in-depth examination of the rail system that's given Texan transit wonks a case of "Portland envy."Their findings? Portland's transit system is ...   More
Monday, August 11, 2014 AARON MESH


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