Bridgetown Diary, Day 1: My First Time


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Because, fuck it. This is a diary, and I intend to be honest:I have never seen live comedy in Portland before, and I’m a native.Okay, that's not entirely true. My mandatory high school grad night made a stop at Comedysportz before subjecting the whole class to The Wizard of Oz until 4 am.But that doesn’t really count, right? Because it wasn’t voluntary. And I sure as hell can't remember much.Now, ...   More
Friday, May 8, 2015 PARKER HALL

Ready, Set List, Go: Amy Miller’s First Day at Bridgetown 2015


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Bridgetown, Day 1 (or 6) by Amy Miller I’m tired already. Can I take a nap? Maybe this mimosa knows the answer to my feelings...And so begins the second day of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, technically. Portland comics thought it started last Friday, and we’ve been making poor decisions ever since.Wednesday night, the unofficial pre-festival show at Analog Cafe was supposed to be a send up to ...   More
Saturday, May 9, 2015 AMY MILLER

Bridgetown Diary, the Final Day: "We Are the Winners"

bridgetown 2015

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Tonight's the night I do it right. Or the night I can actually drive home, anyway.It's 8:47pm. I am in line for the finale show at the Bossanova Ballroom. Next to me is the dumpster where I have eaten numerous slices of cheese pizza this weekend. Behind me in line, a dude with braids smokes a joint and laughs about how he has to yell at people for smoking weed in front of where he works. This ...   More
Monday, May 11, 2015 PARKER HALL

Keegan Smith: Monday, Oct. 3

After seven years, Keegan Smith walks away from his band the Fam’s weekly showcase.

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[SOUL POP] Keegan Smith doesn’t lack confidence, that’s for sure. It’s etched all over his face as he winds through the crowd on the floor of the Bossanova Ballroom, a wireless mic in his ha   More
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 MATTHEW SINGER


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