Willamette Weekend: 17 Things to Do and See in Portland, October 17-19


Friday Oct. 17 Coffee Fest [CAFFEINE] This is the big conference where things get done each year in the coffee trade. So if insanely cool new coffee technology debuts, it debuts here. If a trend forms, it happens amid bitterly bad breath here. Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Through Oct. 19. $20-$30. Kate Boy [DANCE POP] Kate Boy is the androgynist amalgamation ...   More
Friday, October 17, 2014 WW Culture Staff

Milking It

A brief guide for the lactose insistent.

Coffee Guide
 ESPRESSO A “shot” of coffee made by forcing near-boiling water through a handheld filter packed with finely ground coffee beans. Traditionally 1 ounce, but most Portland coffee hous   More
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 PETE COTTELL

Worldly Cups

Where to get coffee styles from around the globe in Portland.

Coffee Guide
DARK-ROAST ESPRESSO MACCHIATO - ITALY Caffe Umbria, 303 NW 12th Ave., 241-5300, caffeumbria.com. Caffe Umbria clings to tradition, in part because owner Emanuele Bizzarri is familiar with the    More

The Year In Portland Coffee

Coffee Guide
RISE OF THE MACHINES One of the hallmarks of third-wave coffee has been the forefronting of the barista as artisan. Stumptown’s original selling point against Starbucks was that it French press   More
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 WW Culture Staff

Hot Takes: Top 5 Comments of the Week, August 31-September 6


We herewith collate—with minimal commentary—the most cogent, interesting, thoughtful or witty comments to have washed up on our virtual shores this week. Congratulations, commenters: You have won nothing but our esteem. 5. Beaverton was busy celebrating itself on September 6, so we joined in—sort of. One reader says we could have done that celebrating with way better coffee.icyravens  writes:No ...   More
Sunday, September 7, 2014 by MATTHEW KORFHAGE

Portland Strip Clubs Serve Terrible Coffee, Enterprising Reporters Report

Except Sassy's, apparently.


Food & Drink
"We’re not a strip club," the owner at Hillsboro's Dream Cup Espresso bikini barista shop told our writer. "We’re a classy business that sells a good cup of bikini coffee." Now we know why he was so eager to make the distinction: In news surprising to probably no one, the coffee served at strip clubs is apparently awful. Looking to combine Portland's two great claims to fame—you ...   More
Thursday, December 12, 2013 by MATTHEW KORFHAGE

Coffee Issue 2013: Gadget Inspector

Food Reviews & Stories
A roundup of inexpensive coffee-brewing gadgets made and sold in Portland.   More
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 MATTHEW KORFHAGE

Coffee Issue 2013: Hook It to My Veins

Portland’s best new cafes of 2013.

Food Reviews & Stories
Cathedral Coffee 7530 N Willamette Blvd. 6:30 am-7 pm daily. A vibrant oasis in the subdued residential stretches of St. Johns, Cathedral Coffee is a trendy outlier in “all the way out there��   More
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 WW Staff

Here is a List of Every Coffee Roaster in Portland (We Think)


Food & Drink
On multiple occasions when putting together this year's coffee issue, I thought "I wish there was a list of every coffee roaster in Portland." The closest thing was this one we wrote a couple of years ago. But things change. I've updated the list with every new roaster I'm aware of (please let me know if I'm missing one and I'll add it to the list), plus a few from not-quite-Portland-but-pretty-close ...   More
Friday, November 23, 2012 RUTH BROWN

Dr. Know: Mocha-vores

Is there a locally grown morning jump-start?

Dr. Know
Portland is the land of the coffee hound, but it’s also the home of zealous locavores. Coffee won’t grow anywhere near Oregon, so it’s hard to be both of those things at the same time. Is th   More
Wednesday, July 3, 2013 MARTY SMITH


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