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Seriously, who picked the flicks for the 2012 Beer and Movie lineup?

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1000101011101010101. That’s the opening pixel of Conan the Barbarian as it will appear to future audiences. Good ol’-fashioned film is dying, fast, as cheaper, digital projectors now control a   More
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 WW MOVIE STAFF

Game of Moans: Conan the Barbarian Reviewed


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The Conan remake wasn't screened for press by WW print deadlines, so we bought ourselves a ticket and suffered manfully. Conan the BarbarianWW Critic's Score: 18 It is absolutely inevitable that almost every Arnold Schwarzenegger action film is going to be remade, and probably in the very near future. Which is fine. Essentially, they’ve all been remade 1,000 times, though under ...   More
Monday, August 22, 2011 AP KRYZA


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