True Detective: A Walk Among the Tombstones Reviewed


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Critic's Grade: C+ Taking a break from hammer-punching seas of faceless Eastern European scumbags to hammer-punch only a few skeezy New Yorkers, A Walk Among the Tombstones finds Liam Neeson in a much more appropriate phase of his late-career tough-guy transformation: the detective period. Frankly, a rain-soaked trench coat suits him better than the near-superheroic Eurotrash compactor ...   More
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 AP KRYZA

Takes on a Plane: Non-Stop Reviewed


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Non-Stop screened after WW press deadlines, presumably because Liam Neeson was too busy having slugfests in airplane lavatories.Critic's Grade: BIt's been about six years since Liam Neeson stopped campaigning for golden statues of bald men and started slugging bald foreign men with gold teeth, and Non-Stop marks the eighth film in which the classical actor turned rugged elder statesman of action ...   More
Friday, February 28, 2014 AP KRYZA

Protect Ya Neck: Taken 2 Reviewed


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The second installment of Liam Neeson's throat-chopping world tour wasn't screened by WW press deadlines, because who cares? It's Liam Neeson throat chopping vaguely ethnic European scumbags in track suits, so it's gotta be awesome, right? To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Wrong."Critics Grade: D+ When last we saw Taken (Liam Neeson), he was kicking the shit out of every Armenian in Europe while ...   More
Friday, October 5, 2012 AP KRYZA

Half-Baked Alaska

Movies that can see Russia from their house.

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Big Miracle58 About 15 minutes into the new inspirational family film Big Miracle, an insufferable Drew Barrymore exclaims, “But this is different—whales are in danger!” I rolled my eyes so ha   More
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 WW MOVIE STAFF

Overkill is Underrated: The A-Team Reviewed

So they made The A-Team into a movie, and they didn't screen that movie for critics until after our press deadlines, and then we didn't get around to reviewing it until just now (more accurately, the senior editors got distracted by a foosball table), and so by now you've probably already seen it twice and this review is of no use to you, thanks very much. But here it is: The A-Team WW Critic's ...   More
Friday, June 11, 2010


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