Eat Mobile: Now a Major Motion Picture

OK, a Vimeo. Also: The official Eat Mobile 2012 announcement


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Only about six months after the fact, we finally have the official video of our 2011 Eat Mobile food cart festival online. Remember how much fun this was?If you're drooling in anticipation of doing it all over again, OR still crying because you missed out, get out a heavy duty Sharpie and your 2012 calendar right now and circle April 28, because that is the date for Eat Mobile 2012. Early weather forecasts ...   More
Monday, December 5, 2011 by Ruth Brown

Back in Bhap

Kim Jong Grillin' goes bricks and mortar


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When Korean food cart Kim Jong Grillin' was destroyed by a fire in April this year, just hours after winning the judge's choice award at WW's 2011 Eat Mobile Festival, owner and cook Han Ly Hwang promised it would "rise like a phoenix from these ashes."  And it looks like it will: Han recently announced that he will be opening a new brick and mortar restaurant called Bhap Sang PDX ("Food Table ...   More
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 by Maggie Summers

Kim Jong Grillin' Closes, But Not for Long

Han Ly Hwang celebrates his Eat Mobile win

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In bad but good news, 2011 Eat Mobile Carty Judges Choice Award winner and Korean barbecue cart extraordinaire Kim Jong Grillin’ has closed—kinda.“I had so much fun serving you all as your dictator of lunch and ambassador of Korean cuisine,” owner Han Ly Hwang wrote to his fans on Facebook earlier this week. “I am currently working hard on opening a new restaurant. Same cuisine, more options, ...   More
Saturday, July 2, 2011 KELLY CLARKE

Kim Jong Grillin', Eat Mobile Champion, Burns

Han Ly Hwang celebrates his Eat Mobile win

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Han Ly Hwang, the owner of Southeast Division Street food cart Kim Jong Grillin', had a hell of a Saturday: First, his Korean barbecue skills earned him the judge's choice award at the 2011 Eat Mobile Festival; then, just a few hours later, while Hwang was 3 miles away dismantling the temporary kitchen set up for Eat Mobile, his cart went up in flames. The cause of the fire is so far unknown, but Hwang ...   More
Monday, April 25, 2011 BEN WATERHOUSE

And the Carty Award Goes To...

Winners From the 4th Annual Eat Mobile Festival


Food & Drink
Willamette Week held its annual Eat Mobile food cart festival 0n Sunday, April 24. Gorgeous sunny skies greeted nearly 3,000 eaters, who gathered under the Morrison Bridge to sample everything from cheeseburger dumplings to maple bacon ice cream at 39 different carts hailing from all over the city. The line at opening stretched eight blocks. By our count, attendees consumed some seven tons of food ...   More
Monday, April 25, 2011 by Ruth Brown

Eat Mobile: Meet the Judges


Food & Drink
There's more to Eat Mobile than eating samples from 40 Portland food carts. The gathering of mobile kitchens is also the occasion for the sort-of-prestigious Carty Awards. While the first two Carty Awards came with awesome trophies, they have, until now, been of purely intangible value. No longer: This year's winner will take home a seven-piece knife set from Shun Knives. And who decides which cart ...   More
Friday, April 8, 2011 BEN WATERHOUSE


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