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Torta Landia

4144 SE 60th Ave.
445-9966 | Website
Neighborhood: Foster/Powell


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Torta Reform

Torta-Landia makes bocadillos for gabachos.

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Run an image search for “torta” and you’ll find many small variations on a single theme: lots of meat, avocado and shredded iceberg lettuce stuffed in an enormous loaf of soft, lightly crust   More
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 BEN WATERHOUSE
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Friday, Dec 26, 2014
Torta Landia 4144 SE 60th Ave. Web | Map


[THE REAL MCCOY] Naming your band after a tiny village in Ireland could be read as a twee affectation, like wearing a derby or naming your backing band “and Sons ...

7 pm | Free. | Age Classification: All ages
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