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June 9th, 2010 12:00 am Local Cut | Top 5

Top 5 Gas Station Meals We Eat On The Road.

By Dark Time Sunshine


5. The Nachables: One Lunchables package, covered in hot nacho cheese, with a suicide Slurpee.

4. Burger Box With Fries: One hot dog-shaped burger with cheese and the works, covered in hot nacho cheese with Jays shoestring potato chips on top. Washed down with cherry Dr. Pepper.

3. El Ranch Hand: Chopped-up chicken tenders covered in pico de gallo, ranch dressing and jalapeños. Served with a side of buffalo and ranch Doritos and fruit punch-flavored Jarritos.

2. The Richard Simmons: Low-fat peanut-butter crackers, a banana, pre-packaged fruit bowl and VitaminWater XXX.

1. Combo 777: Teriyaki Dragon Strips, wasabi Doritos, Sprite and—for dessert—gummi worms in a Neapolitan ice-cream sandwich.

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