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April 23rd, 2014 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: Free Tilly the Murderfish.

scoop_mural_4025IMAGE: WW Staff
  • PAINT IT RED: A 130-foot mural on a temporary construction fence in the Pearl District was interrupted by a commercial break April 19. A cloth banner advertising WhiskeyFestNW was placed over the mural, painted by street artist Klutch, at Northwest 10th Avenue and Northrup Street. Klutch retaliated by covering his own artwork in red paint. “WhiskeyFest destroyed this mural with their mania for NASCAR overbranding,” read the mural April 20. “Who puts a billboard over a mural? Money ruins everything good in this world.” WhiskeyFestNW had an advertising agreement with the landlord before Klutch’s temporary mural was started. Festival spokeswoman Erika Watson tells WW they worked to avoid damaging Klutch’s mural, which was to be on display during the event. “We in no way meant to disrespect the artist,” Watson says. “We spoke to him a week before that, and he said that he knew about it.”
  • FATHER KNOWS BEST: Old-school, always-open dive My Father’s Place on Southeast Grand Avenue was filmed for a Portland episode of Esquire TV’s Best Bars in America. Esquire filmed an interview at the bar with Decemberist multi-instrumentalist Chris Funk, who chose the bar because it reminded him of his early days in Portland, when the place was full of musicians on the make. “Parts of this culture are starting to feel a bit Disney in some ways, drinks being served by young men with twisted mustaches featuring infused cubes,” Funk writes to WW. “I love that Portland takes pride in its service and craft industries. However, it’s nice to go to a bar that still serves cheap, stiff drinks and shoots pinball. Also they serve crinkle fries right out of the freezer bag, a classic!”
  • 4TH STREET HEARTBREAK: Gresham’s flagship brewery is expected to close at the end of April. 4th Street Brewing, best known for its Gresham Light, looks to become a family-style, family-owned Mexican restaurant and sports bar called Mojave Grill. According to Mojave co-owner Beatriz Cantu, the restaurant plans to project Timbers and Blazers games and mixed martial arts fights on a massive screen in the airy warehouse space. >> Also closing, at least temporarily, is Portland fine-dining institution Genoa, long an incubator for chefs who start other restaurants, from Bunk’s Tommy Habetz to Navarre and Luce’s John Taboada. According to a press release, the restaurant will close for an “extended hiatus” May 11 and will be “evaluating different paths forward for the restaurant.” Accanto, next door to Genoa on Southeast Belmont Street, will remain open and honor Genoa gift certificates.
  • CLARIFICATION: The new Tilikum Crossing bridge is not named after a whale. Whales are not fish. Fish do not murder, nor do whales. We would like to thank the impassioned commenters on our blog post about the naming of the new Tilikum Crossing bridge for pointing these things out.
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