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April 30th, 2014 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: Go Blazers, Go Mavs, Go Warriors, Go Thunderz.

scoop_bowl_4026IMAGE: hollywoodbowlpdx.com
  • ONE MORE GAME: Hollywood Bowl has received a stay of execution. The 52-year-old Northeast Portland bowling alley was set to close its doors for good in mid-May but will now stay open until June 2, which is the earliest crews can arrive to haul away the equipment, according to general manager David Lemke. That’s good news for bowlers and, apparently, petty thieves. Lemke says since the closure was announced in February, pieces of soon-to-be memorabilia—including shoes, balls, even the restroom’s soap dispenser—have been disappearing en masse. “Everyone wants a piece of Hollywood Bowl,” he says. Anyone wanting to obtain a piece of the business legally can visit hollywoodbowlpdx.com and bid on tables, lockers, a vending machine and the iconic letter-board sign.
  • JUANNA BET: Texas megacorporation Frito-Lay looks to be targeting Oregon’s homegrown, family-run tortilla chip company. “Word on the street is, they’re coming after Juanita’s,” says Juanita’s CEO Luis Dominguez. Frito-Lay recently introduced La Cocina de Josefina chips, but nowhere is the company listed on the packaging, which proudly declares that they are “made in the Northwest.” The chips are made at the Vancouver Frito-Lay plant at 4808 NW Fruit Valley Road. “This is a specialty brand in the Northwest," a Frito-Lay representative told The Columbian. “We wanted it to have that local feel.” Dominguez believes this goal extends to the chips’ packaging. “They copied the label,” he says of Josefina. “Our customers are very smart. You think they’re gonna fool them? Yeah. The first time.” It also extends to Web presence. Type “Juanita’s” into Google, and the first thing many users will see is a paid link to the Josefina site.
  • CROWN JEWELS: Johnny Zukle, owner of vegan strip clubs Casa Diablo and Black Cauldron, is adding more seitan to his sandwich. He has applied for a liquor license for an Old Town strip club at the former Crown Room nightclub (205 NW 4th Ave.), in partnership with Top Flyte security company owner Timo Porotesano and Dirty nightclub owner Chris Lenahan. The location is already in operation as an after-hours juice bar. However, a liquor license will require that the strip club begin food service—no word whether this will be a vegan trifecta. >> The Pawfee Shop, at 6035 NE Halsey St., which doubles as a doggy daycare, has filed for a tavern license. Doggie guests stay in a simulated living room with a fireplace and TV, and are visible through a fish-tank window. “We want to get the liquor license before the World Cup,” says owner Jeffrey Garvais. “Everyone here is Brazilian.”
  • IT’S A SIGN: The controversy-plagued WhiskeyFestNW advertisement placed over a 130-foot temporary mural painted by street artist Klutch—causing Klutch to deface his own work in response April 19—was taken down April 27 by the forces of nature. A flash thunderstorm sent the ad and much of the mural tumbling to the pavement. Klutch denies involvement, but notes that the 10-minute storm spared the sections of mural not containing the WhiskeyFest banner, which acted as a sail. “You can’t cheat karma,” he tells WW.
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