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August 13th, 2014 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Headout

The Wildlife Corridors of Portland

The Green Neighborhoods Festival wants more green space in Portland. But is Portland already one giant wildlife corridor?

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  1. Two cougar sightings were reported in Beaverton, near the interchange of highways 26 and 217. The animals were seen near the International Baccalaureate world school, Ridgewood Elementary School. No children were hurt.

  2. A 125-pound black bear was found roaming between NE 35th and 36th avenues and Killingsworth Street in the early morning.
  3. Two callers reported separate cougar sightings in area of SE 121st Avenue and Division Street.
  4. Callers reported a cougar in the area of NE 167th Avenue and Halsey Street, and 167th and Hoyt Street.
  5. Two bald eagles were seen over Barrows Park at the intersection of SW Horizon Boulevard and Barrows Road in Beaverton—just past the Big Al’s bowling center.
  6. A cougar was spotted near Thompson City Park at NE 148th Avenue and Sacramento Street at around 2 am.
  7. Neighborhood residents maintain that an 11-year-old pet cat, Pepper, was killed by a cougar near SE 164th Avenue and Main Street.
  8. A cougar sat in a tree for three hours in the area of NE 121st Avenue and Stanton Street, and was later removed and euthanized for the safety of others. The cougar had become accustomed to the urban environment and had lost its fear of humans.
  9. A bald eagle was seen soaring above Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge at 1120 SW 5th Ave. Apparently, bald eagles have made a comeback: They were taken off the state endangered species list in 2012.
  10. A cougar was seen hanging out in Hillsboro, in a field at the corner of Highway 219 and SW Burkhalter Road.
  11. Beavers caused controversy in Tigard after the city destroyed their dam, and the pondlike setting turned into a small stream.
  12. A cougar was spotted at 1:30 am near NE 117th Avenue and Siskiyou Street. Officers searched the area but no cougar was found.
  13. A woman posted signs around her neighborhood warning others of a coyote near SE 142nd Avenue and Division Street after the animal killed her cat, Max.
  14. Just after 4 am, a caller reported a cougar off Gateway Bike Path at Interstate 205 northbound. Officers searched the area but no cougar was found.
  15. A breeding pair of eagles was found nesting in a black cottonwood tree at the former St. Johns landfill at the North Portland Peninsula near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers.
  16. A cougar was sighted in the area of NE 115th Avenue and Siskiyou Street. Officers searched the area but no cougar was found.

GO: Green Neighborhoods Festival, featuring organic-food booths, environmental speakers, native plants, crafters and musicians, is on North Kerby Avenue next to Peninsula Park (700 N Rosa Parks Way). 11 am-5 pm Saturday, Aug. 16. Free. Visit greenneighborhoodsfestival.org for more info. 

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