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February 27th, 2002 12:00 am David Shafer (compiler) | News Stories

"What's so great about your dog?"

August Alston of Electric Eye
Match the photo with the response. Answers below.

Co-owner, Brazen Bean, North Portland

Domestic-violence shelter worker, Northeast Portland


MAXINE BORCHERDING, 54 Teacher, Western Culinary Institute, Northeast Portland



FREDDI SAVAH, 33 Import-export, Southwest Portland


ANSWER #1: "True, she is sometimes piss-encrusted. But my dog is composed of love and fascination. Look, she's deeply concerned about something right now."

ANSWER #2: "He's kind, he's intelligent, and Magnum can actually talk to you, like in the old Scooby Doo cartoons."

ANSWER #3: "Duchess has more attitude than anyone else I know. Even with her bad hips."

ANSWER #4: "Where do I start? Luther has love for every living thing. I think he lives by some very Taoist principles."



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