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Mayoral Madness: Vera Katz Regional Round 3

We've reached the Sweet 16. This is a round reserved for winners and for closers. It's the popular kids' table. This is the Vera Katz wing of the popular kids' table.

We'd like to pour one out in memory of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, who is just a mixed-up kid.

16. Victoria Taft, Talk-radio resentment queen
12. Mike Rice, Blazers TV color commentator

Victoria Taft has defeated Carrie Brownstein and Timber Joey. These are not just upsets. They are astonishing victories. They make us wonder what we did not see in her before. (Other than any hint of human kindness.) We're already pretty much counting out Mike Rice, who is genial and puzzled and waiting for the refs to call a foul. Prove us wrong, Mike. Show some hustle.

3. Timothy Hutton, Avenging injustice
15. Patty, Magic Garden bartender

On the one hand, we're genuinely curious about who these rabid Timothy Hutton fans are. He's never previously seemed like somebody who inspired that much passion, except maybe in Mary Tyler Moore, who was mostly just angry because THE WRONG SON DIED. On the other hand, this feels like one of those hornet's nests that we don't really want to disturb. Meanwhile, we are not at all surprised by the general affection for Patty, who serves a mean $5 Budweiser.

Voting closes Monday, April 2.
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