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Bend, Ore: Forget Men Having Babies, Lawn Chair Balloonist Takes Flight.

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Lawn Chair Balloonist
Bend, Oregon is fast becoming a hot bed for weird news.
Last week we had Thomas Beatie, who declared himself as the "first man" to have a baby, finally having "his" baby.
Today brings news of a guy who is attempting to fly from Bend to Idaho.
And how is Kent Couch doing it?
By lawn chair and party balloons. And, oh yeah, he's using 15-gallon barrels of Kool-Aid for ballast.
According to Internet reports this is his third attempt in as many years.
Didn't he learn anything from the guy who tried to float from Japan to Portland,Ore.?
They still haven't found him.
(AP Photo/Jeff Barnard)
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